About Us

At PM PACKAGING, we understand that the retail paperboard packaging is the first impression to connect to your customer. In a world full of competitors, you need a creative design, structure and protection that makes your product stand out from your competitors.

We work with you to maintain your brand integrity, your budget, and your schedule challenge. Then we deliver quality paperboard folding cartons that exceed your expectations..

Special Finishes, Enhancements and Services

PM can provide every type of finish from ‘soft touch’ coatings to high gloss UV. As well as, special options like foil stamping, embossing, de-bossing and strike through gloss and matte finishes.

At PM Packaging our philosophy is simple; provide a structural design that showcases your product to its best advantage in the marketplace while ensuring that the structure is one that can be manufactured faithfully. At PM we believe that value added is an essential part of our design and manufacturing philosophy.

Special Effects and Techniques

Pm Packaging offers many special techniques and process that can greatly enhance the design and presentation of your packaging. We offer a full range of finish and technical options;

  • Custom die-cutting
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping
  • Special match inks
  • All types of Closures
  • Soft touch
  • Ghost coating
  • Orange peel
  • Raised texture
  • Leather feel
  • Gloss, Mate and Glitter UV

PM Packaging’s use of the latest in industry best practices and the application of the latest technologies means that we can help anyone turn their concept into a fully realized paperboard package.

Customer Care

At PM Packaging we believe that customer care, communication and service are paramount. Our Customer service/production professionals will make sure that your project is completed with the best use of time, costs and materials. PM’s customer service professionals coordinate and direct the entire process while communicating directly with you to ensure a smooth and successful completion of your project.

Pre-Press and Proofing

PM uses the latest in Industry practices and standards to ensure fidelity of your design and concept so that your finished packaging looks exactly like you intended. PM is a certified G7 Master printer and utilizes the latest in Idealliance and ISO techniques in the processing, review and approval of your designs and artwork. Once your art files have been processed, PM provides a soft digital proof for the initial approval. All of the revisions to the art, if any, are handled at this stage thus ensuring there is no wasted time by streamlining the approval process. A physical proof of your packaging is then generated for your review.