Case Study #2 – Retail and Fashion

retail and fashion

Industry: Retail Fashion
Size: 60+ locations
Savings: $60,000

The Challenge

This particular client was interested in creating a series of hanging elements for their store windows. However, they were running into issues with cost and timing. The design consisted of 90 strands of strings, each with 18 attached elements, so the amount of hand tying was both costly and time-consuming. In addition, the strands needed to be packed in such a way that they would not be a tangled mess when delivered to the stores.

Pricing estimates from competitors suggested that what they wanted was simply not going to be within their budget for the project. And when you added in the need to ensure the displays would arrive at the retail locations ready to install without making associates want to string up someone in corporate, you had a tangled mess.

The Solution

This is where PM Packaging came in. Our staff took the original creative vision, and developed a concept that not only conveyed what they were looking for but was production-friendly — keeping down the costs; and easy to install — ensuring retail stores were dazzled, not dreading the deliveries.

The end result was a series of 90 strands of printed elements constructed using price tag guns. By using the plastic price tags to attach the strands, the time to produce and gather was reduced by 70%. In addition, each strand was packed in a custom engineered carrier in such a manner that when removed the entire strand of elements would unfold like an accordion, thus keeping the store install fast and effective.

The Results

By implementing the PM Packaging custom solution, the client was able to realize a cost reduction of $60,000 to manufacture versus any other solution they considered. In addition, less installation errors resulted in significant reduction of store employee labor — and a priceless reduction in plots against whoever designed the previous tangled store display options.

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