Case Study #3 – Retail and Fashion

retail and fashion

Industry: Retail Fashion
Size: 900+ locations
Savings: $200,000

The Challenge

What happens when you want to create store windows and a skateboard ramp capable of carrying a mannequin on a skateboard? You call PM Packaging, that’s what.

The difficulty of producing this display was three-fold. First was cost. This client needed to produce more than 900 sets of clings, window signage and the display itself — and do it all under budget. The second issue was implementation. There was concern that the display would be too difficult for store personnel to install. Finally, size limitations and variances of window display space in the wide range of locations needed to be addressed.

The Solution

PM Packaging was able to address all of those issues. We took the creative elevation snapshots back to the production team, and they created series of self-contained boxes angled and aligned to create a ramp. This was done to give the retailer size flexibility of the skateboard ramp.

In addition, PM Packaging was able to reduce the cost by using less expensive E-Flute boxes for the base of the ramp and engineered a custom printed case wrap. Finally, PM Packaging was able to create a short, easy to understand installation video to help the stores efficiently set up the window while maintaining brand consistency.

The Results

PM Packaging’s solution was a cost-effective one for the retailer, resulting in a $200,000 savings over any other estimate they had received. It enabled the client to produce the project as requested by their creative team, and stay under budget. In addition, the reduction of installation errors resulted in a 95% decrease in re-orders.