What is qikCombo?

In the last 40 years, at PM Packaging we have kept evolving and looking for better ways to provide our customers with packaging solutions that meet their needs. 

For this reason, we have created qikCombo, our new combo run program for blister cards, to offer our customers the opportunity to request purchase volumes from 5000 to 100,000 pieces, improving their profit margin, delivery times and quality. 

This program is designed to help companies that require low volumes of blister cards but that have had to resort to solutions that affect their utility either due to the high prices they must pay to offset the production costs of their current suppliers, or that they have had to buy large quantities to obtain a fairer price but then have to pay storage costs, with the risk of generating possible waste expenses due to deterioration, damage or changes in the design that will make the inventoried material obsolete. 

How does qikCombo work and what benefits does it have? 

qikCombo is a combo run program for blister cards, this means that we include from 5 to 20 part numbers, from different clients, in the same production order. 

In this way, our clients save on tooling costs and set-up times because they will only pay for what is proportional to the square inches that each blister card needs from a sheet. 

In addition to cost savings, another benefit that qikCombo has is the speed in which you can receive your order, since being a program designed to run in the same way as a large volume order, we can offer you delivery times of 10 workdays, after the approval of arts and color proof. In this way, you can also save storage or inventory management costs. 

What are the requirements to be part of qikCombo? 

Being a program for combo runs, it is necessary that your designs and blister cards have these four characteristics: 

  • Must be Single seal blister card
  • Must be in 20pts Blister Board material.
  • Your designs must be in 4 process colors (CMYK) on the front. Back in black or without printing.
  • Water-based varnish.

qikCombo is a program that will continue to evolve with us, and we will continue to add styles of blister cards, materials and other types or components of packaging that meet the necessary characteristics to be part of this program and thus, continue to offer packaging solutions at fair prices and delivery times. 

We invite you to contact us and stay informed of this and other packaging services we have for you. To request a quote, click here.