From kitting, to secure warehousing, to product distribution, PM Packaging provides clients large and small with rapid, efficient, turnkey, and end-to-end fulfillment solutions. 

Unlike other fulfillment houses that offer limited, one-size-fits-all services, we design and implement individualized solutions to meet the unique demands of your business, brand, and customers.

With G7, ISO9000, SFI, FSC, CTPAT, and OEA certifications, we offer high compliance and high-volume fulfillment for a range of industries and products. And, our box processing platform can create the ideal custom box for any product type, or accommodate a complete product kit.

Our climate-controlled storage racking provides a safe and efficient atmosphere for long-term and pick-and-pull inventory. In addition, our comprehensive inventory fulfillment and supply chain management solutions include web-based ordering, barcode technology, and a powerful warehouse management system.

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