PM Packaging has purchased the first complete and most equipped press for industrial single-pass printing of corrugated boxes and displays, allowing for us to print your packaging in a single-pass with EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus digital press.

The single-pass inkjet printing technology is a transformative technology for increasing printing capabilities and crafting new business models for our customers. By dramatically improving workflow, PM Packaging can respond to customer changes faster and deliver jobs with short turnarounds with the most efficient solution for high-quality graphics printing on corrugated.

Respect our planet with the most environmentally friendly print solution

Lowest power usage, virtually no VOC’s, no plates, certified recyclable, re-pulpable.
UL GreenGuard certified.
Great looking packaging and displays that honor your product and our planet.

PM Packaging has a solution that is suitable for various verticals. See below for examples of corrugate possibilities for the wine industry- the possibilities are endless!

Version your packaging at the best lead times

Yes, you can have Brunello boxes, Cab corrugated & Pinot packaging without the extra time and expense of conventional print. Let what’s outside speak the language of what’s inside. Odd counts, fast turns, what you want, when you need it.

Yes, that excites us too.