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Why choose PM Packaging?

High efficiency, reasonable price, excellent quality, environmental awareness, great customer service are goals for us to keep in pursue of.


Why use paperboard?

There are some things as an advocate of paperboard packaging you would expect; how it protects, promotes, identifies, and informs the consumer better than any other form of container; how the printing quality of the folding carton, and now in some instances the corrugated box, is unequaled; how it offers visibility, product differentiation, and style versatility in almost limitless combinations; and how it meets the challenges of distribution, freight, and maximizing shelf space.

Consumer Friendliness

Folding cartons offer a wide variety of benefits. Perhaps the most important benefit is the clean and attractive billboard. Paperboard packaging is easy to see and understand on the retail shelf. Folding cartons also offer a wide variety of easy-to-open and re-close designs. And, for the growing population of environmentally-conscious consumers, paperboard is a packaging alternative that is easy to recycle. There is less sorting than plastic packaging requires, and most neighborhoods offer paper/paperboard pickup programs.

Seller Friendliness

Retailers and product manufacturers also experience great benefits from paperboard packaging. On the retail shelf, it can be stacked, stored and viewed effectively. In addition, the large printable area offered by folding cartons is a key opportunity for communication with the customer, encouraging the consumer purchase decision, which so often happens at that impulse stage.


Why Choose Us?

The highly qualified skilled manpower, fully integrated and modern manufacturing facilities We offer flexible and affordable packaging solutions, most competitive prices, capacity to deliver consistently and timely.

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